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Jessa Smith

About me

200 hour RYT, Registered Nurse, and native of Goffstown, NH, Jessa has returned to her stomping grounds to reconnect with the community via her yoga and nursing practices. Through a deep-rooted interest in self-discovery and awareness, Jessa found herself travelling to the birthplace of yoga in the Himalayan Mountains of South East Asia, where she lived and learned Ashtanga and Hatha styles of yoga at the Vinyasa Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, India.

Empathetic by nature, Jessa seeks to connect with her students, learning from one another, and strengthening the feeling of oneness that exists between all. She enjoys integrating different techniques into her classes by creating distinct sequences each week that help her students connect the mind, body and breath.

Jessa invites you to join her in her art, and looks forward to working with one another in the wonderful space at Mountain Base Yoga.

What to expect in my class

Beginner's Vinyasa provides a slow paced sequence that introduces foundational yoga postures, breathing techniques, as well as a sense of comfortability on the mat while in a group class. Consistent cueing and explanation of the movements used in class allow new students to familiarize with the vernacular and transitions commonly used in the practice of yoga. This class also provides a wonderful opportunity for non-beginners to freshen up on their body alignment, vinyasa flow, and awareness. Modifications will be provided for those looking to make the sequence more or less challenging. 


Private Lessons:

In addition to her Beginner’s Vinyasa class, Jessa teaches private, one-on-one yoga classes that are tailored to meet the specific needs of her students, while assisting them in strengthening and deepening their yoga practice. If you are interested in engaging in a private lesson with Jessa, please contact her via email at