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Erin Marchal

About me

Yoga seeped into my life quietly.  Slowly and tentatively at first, like the tide coming in and lapping at your toes... and then suddenly yoga was there all at once, knocking me over with everything I needed.  I jumped into a personal practice I hadn’t known that I wanted and became very grateful for yoga guides along the way.  Understanding my practice led me to an intense desire to deepen my knowledge, and so I received my RYT 200 Hour certification in 2016 from Sharing Yoga.

We come to yoga for all kinds of reasons - and we stay when we discover something meaningful.  There is a path that we each embark on when we choose to take a yoga class or integrate yoga into daily life - it is only yours to take. 

What to expect in my class

We will begin each class with attention to our breath before moving through a sequence of movements and poses.  Specific cues and suggestions for variations will be provided.  Class will end with nourishing stretches, a period of relaxation, and renewed attention to the breath.