Gift certificates are available for sale here on our website or in the studio.  If you purchase online, the certificate will be emailed to you so that you can print it.  You can choose any amount you'd like, but below are some suggestions.  

Redeemable for one class.

Brand new to our studio? Take advantage of the New Student Special, $60 for 30 days.

Redeemable for 10 classes.


Gift Certificate FAQs

  • expand_more Can I buy a gift certificate at the studio?

    Of course! Our instructors can help you purchase a gift certificate in person if you're in the neighborhood.  The studio is only open during our scheduled class times.  You can purchase gift certificates when you come to class, or stop by a few minutes before a class begins or after a class ends to have an instructor help you.

  • expand_more Do gift certificates expire?

    No.  Your gift certificate does not expire.  You can redeem it at any time.

  • expand_more When I purchase the gift certificate, do I need to create an account on your website?

    Yes, you will need to enter your name and email address.  This ensures that the website can process your payment accurately, and that the gift certificate can be emailed to you.  If you prefer that the gift certificate is emailed directly to the recipient (and you have already told them about it!), you may enter that person's email address instead. 

  • expand_more Is the code on the gift certificate important?

    Yes! You will need to have the code that is provided on the gift certificate in order to redeem it on the website or in the studio.