Jenn Smith

Jenn Smith

About me

I am a seeker; someone who is looking to understand, to obtain knowledge and to evolve so that I may be of service to others.  When I started practicing yoga several years ago, I initially went because someone told me it would help with my anxiety, and it certainly has! Little did I know however, it was the beginning of my lifelong journey towards body, mind, and spiritual transcendence. 

I am a registered Yoga Teacher (200RYT) with Yoga Alliance through Yoga NH at Banyan Tree Yoga, as well as a Level II Reiki Practitioner. My personal practice consists of using the philosophies of yoga (as I continue to learn them) and integrating them into everyday life. 

What to expect in my class

My intention for the community class is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that offers you the opportunity to notice how yoga connects life on the mat to our day-to-day lives while having some fun doing it.  I am so appreciative for this opportunity to learn and grow with you, Ohm Shanti (Peace)!