seohghee harmon

Seonghee Harmon

About me

I am from South Korea with a bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature.  I was a teacher there for about 8 years.  Teaching has always been a big part of my life. 

I started practicing yoga about 13 years ago in Korea as a means to tone my body, gain strength and flexibility.   I came to the States in 2008.  Everything was new and quite overwhelming at that time.  Lots of unknowns.   But, through yoga, as I slowly learned to quiet my busy mind and focus on the practice, I noticed myself starting to open to the things that I was afraid to face.  This was when yoga really spoke to my heart and became a huge role in my life.  To me, yoga means finding the True Self (that has been forgotten by any circumstances) through practice with full awareness of your body, your breath and your mind.  This ancient wisdom changed my life and led me to become a yoga teacher to spread the positive effects that I’ve experienced.  I completed the 200 hour teacher training program at Dragonfly Yoga Studies in Florida, 2012 and have over 4 years of teaching experience. My overall intention is to guide others in finding internal and external balance through their practice, inline with the grace and strength that yoga can continuously provide on and off the mat.

What to expect in my class

My classes will provide a balanced sequence of poses(asanas) to both strengthen and stretch; energize and calm; challenge yet relax along with mindfulness of our body and breath.  Most of all, it will be YOUR yoga.  If anything is too much/intense for you, don’t jump right into it.  Different pose options and modifications will be given because everyone’s body is different.  Hope to see you in class! :)

Find the sweetness in your own heart that you may find the sweetness in every Heart.